21 October 2016

“Every master was once a disaster” - David T.S. Wood

I am a fan of David T.S. Wood.  He has a few different podcast out there and I have enjoyed ever one I have listened to.  He has an interesting back story for his life and has overcome many obstacles that have been the excuses of other lesser men.  He has worked in the network marketing field and become a motivational speaker and trainer of some renown.  He is worth looking up.

The above quote is a simple one that when I first heard it I lightly past over it without fully appreciating its genius.  I have reflected on it a lot since that time.

If I can suggest one thing to anyone that has been struggling with finding and defining their place in the world it is that "Every master was once a disaster".

Know that where you are now is not where you will be tomorrow just as it is not where you were yesterday.

Realize that anyone that is at the top of their field did not start out there.  No one.

At birth all start with a clean slate.  Any skill, knowledge, talent had to be earned.

Granted some are born into situations that provide easier paths or more apparent opportunities.  Some have life handed to them on a platter.  Some are given honorary degrees and noble prizes (sp) for unrelated causes but that is not the way of the master.  The master is not the master because of what others say or think.  The master just is.

There is a path the master must take and the point that it starts from is the point where the master was once a disaster.  The master found their path and then followed it through with whatever it took to become the master they were meant to be.

And so can you.  Find your path.  Set your goal.  Make the commitment.  Let nothing stand in your way.  Do what it takes.  Become the master you wish to be.  Start today.  Continue today.  Work forward today.  You have the same right as any other to become the master you want to be.

This is Ed Nef with a view from the Farrwest.

20 October 2016

Is it just me or is there way too many people speaking Valley talk on TV?

It seems like I am hearing more and more people on TV talking like Valley girls with all the included timing, syllable emphasis and accents that were so noticeable decades ago.  It is so like gag me with a spoon.

It might not be the over the top annoying chatter teens used to use and others made fun of but it is still present albeit in a lighter version.  I still find it annoying. I also still do a fair version of it when I want to make fun of something.

I hope I haven't spoiled your favorite TV show because you will now be looking for it or at least subconsciously noticing it around you.  From HGTV to CBS it rears it's ugly head and after an involuntary cringe I reach for the remote, because I can't take it in large doses, fur sure.

Maybe its just a fad.  I sure hope so.  This is Ed Nef with a view from the Farrwest.

19 October 2016

Way to go General Mills

I just saw a commercial for General Mills that got me excited.

"Do you mean the same General Mills that makes famous cereals such as Cheerios, Chex, Wheaties, and Lucky Charms as well as others?"  "Do you mean that General Mills?"

"Yep, that General Mills."

"But why would a commercial from General Mills get you excited?"

"Well, let me tell you."

The commercial starts off by telling you that whole grain is the first ingredient in all Big G cereals and although that sounds like something that should be noteworthy if you read the nutrition label you would expect there to be a greater level of dietary fiber listed and it seems pretty low by comparison.  So no that is not the part that got me excited.

It is the next thing they mention that really got me excited.  Their cereals contain No High Fructose Corn Syrup.  O happy days.

I still think that HFCS or high fructose corn syrup is slow poison that creates long term negative health impacts that we still don't fully understand but that we will pay for in the years to come.  There are a lot of web sites out there that discuss HFCS, and if you haven't run across the topic you might find it an interesting research project, but from what I have seen I have serious concerns about it and have personally taken to reading ingredient labels and actively avoided foods many times because of the presence of HFCS.

And now to see yet another major company using the tag of "No HFCS" as a way to promote their product makes me think that the movement is gaining some traction and is moving forward.

There are other companies that have seen this as an opportunity and others will follow.  Whether this is an honest effort on behalf of their customers' welfare or a marketing ploy like being a 'green' company I don't know but I will take it.  I really hope the movement will continue to grow.  To me this is bigger and more important than peanut allergies, glutton scares and organic labeling.

General Mills I hear you and applaud you.  Hey Coke and Pepsi and all you other soda makers, are you listening?  It is time to get real.  Hansen's Soda is the real deal.  I know Pepsi has made throwback soda and I look for it.  To get a real Coke you have to look for an import from Mexico at three times the price.  Really?  It is time to get with the program.  If for no other reason than that real sugar just taste better than laboratory created substitutes that slowly kill you.

This is Ed Nef with a view from the Farrwest.