05 February 2017

OPINIONS are like...

...noses, everybody has one.

Opinions are a great place for starting conversations.

What would you do...?  What do you think about...?  What color would you choose for...?  If you had to do...?  What would you say if...?  How would you arrange...?  Would you invite...?

These are the kinds of questions that get asked daily between friends, families, neighbors, co-workers, and total strangers.  We both ask them and we are asked them.

And what do we do with the answers?  Depends; they are, after all, only opinions.  How do you value an opinion?  Some come freely asked for or not.   Some are given without a thought and some are only given grudgingly as if an opinion is too precious to share.  Sometimes when you get your two cents worth, that is exactly what it is worth, with or without inflation.

And after all, the value of an opinion is only as valid as the source of that opinion and the level of expertise, knowledge, and trustworthiness of the person providing the opinion.  It is up do us to decide whether to act on an opinion or not.

And why do we seek opinions in the first place.  Is it to expand our list of options and possibilities, or discover insights for solving a problem?  Are we looking for a fresh perspective with a new set of eyes or are we really looking for supporting confirmation for a decision already made?

When we seek answers, do we look for advice, direction and guidance or are we really just looking for opinions?  Can we tell the difference?

When you kneel before the Lord in prayer, do you ask for his guidance?  Do you value his answers as such, or do you treat his word as an opinion?  Your actions and the results you will see will tell the story.  It is just a matter of what you want when you are truthful with yourself.

This is Ed Nef with a view from the Farrwest.

17 December 2016

Crazy numbers

I was just looking at some stats for my little blog.  It is interesting but not always enlightening.  recently the average entry view count has gone up dramatically, from just breaking into the double digits to triple digits practically overnight.  I am not sure why.  I haven't noticed any new comments or mentions.  I think maybe it is a fluke of search-bots that started to take notice.  I guess that is okay.  Any attention is flattering.

The numbers indicate that it started a couple of months ago and goes backward to around September 2015 then the numbers drop off to to the first of 2015 when I start seeing numbers more in line with what I have been experiencing for the majority of this little experience.

As I was browsing this list I also happened on a little entry that was a favorite of mine on the special nature of the simple yet profound cookie, an entry made almost 7 years ago.  It had a view count of one.  Still it was one and I am grateful for that viewer.  If you happen to go there and have a read leave a comment of your favorite cookie.

There are several other entries that appear to have topped out at one view.  It happens.  On the other hand the most popular page remains the one I made about the experience I had taking the ACSC course back in September 2008.  If I was into niche marketing this would surely be an opportunity knocking but the subject was one that did not inspire me to invest any more energy with it.  I am guessing that the many page views came from others that were going through the course at the time and they were looking for any insights that would make their experience more manageable.  It is also probably why I have received views from Russia.

So here is entry #194.  According to the stats Farrwestview has had a total of 17,751 page views to date.  All are welcome and I hope that all will find something that will entertain, educate, inform, and enlighten.  After all, this is Ed Nef with a view from the Farrwest.

Very few people worthy of real admiration

There are very few people out there that are individuals of great character.  People that have one or two traits that are admirable and worthy of emulation.  People that although not perfect are striving towards being the best they can be.

One of the individuals that I have admired through the years is Richard Branson.  If you have not heard this name, he is the force behind the Virgin brands covering everything from music to space travel and a lot of things in between.  He is a man that knows how to enjoy life.

With his enjoyment of life comes stories of life experiences that don't always work out the way he expected.  One of these stories is about a bicycle training ride for an upcoming event which you can read about in his blog post you can find at this link and it comes with some pretty amazing pictures.

This is someone that I would like to spend a day with sometime.  We have a lot of the same interest.  We were at the same event one afternoon but the majority of the audience was looking his way and not mine.  That is understandable.  It was at Oshkosh and he was there to show of White Knight Two the plane that would lift and launch SpaceShip Two into space.  I am having trouble finding my photos but when I do I will add them.  Until then I will have to borrow one from

It is kinda nice to have someone in the public limelight that you can still look up to, and in his case it is often done quite literally.  This is Ed Nef with a view from the Farrwest.