08 September 2016

Tsu I hardly knew ya

You might remember that I recommended a new site called Tsu some time ago.  It is one of those sites that took me away from many other things.  Sadly it is no more.

It made great promises of revenue sharing with those that contributed content which was a great concept and I imagine some actually made a few bucks as they testified to the fact on the site.

It was also a great way for me to experiment with a social networking site similar to Facebook but with the potential to reap some reward from your original content.  I was certainly intrigued enough to go for it and made a few connections along the way.

A lot of the content became very similar to what others had and did and there was a whole lot of copy and paste and share from others and initially that was okay because that was a way to be introduced to others on the site.  After awhile it was not invigorating enough but you could still happen on to some wonderful nuggets now and then.

It grew fast, fast enough that it scared Facebook into pulling any mention of it from their site for a time before they were pressured to put those mentions back.  You could see new members come and make many post with much enthusiasm and attention.  You could also see those new members fall to the way side as the promises of payout were not big enough soon enough to convince them to stay.  But the model was valid and the promises were possible very much like network marketing.

But then they changed.  (see the previous post and you will know what I am talking about)

They change the payout formula, they changed the way you could interact with others, and then they changed the whole web face and format so that your pages and your community took a back seat to the site itself.  Tsu took center stage and was now only willing to share the spotlight with any outside of its controlled group.  I am sure that was the beginning of the crash.  A couple of months later and the web page became a letter saying thank you but we are done, pick up your belongings.

Not the first Web site to die, not the last.  Regrets? Not really other than a good idea gone sour.  I did learn from it and I did enjoy the ride even if I was not one that made it pay.  Actually it did pay because as I said I did learn from it and I did enjoy the ride.  Payment enough sometimes.

This is Ed Nef with a view from the Farrwest.

07 September 2016

Why I don't have bumper stickers on my car

When I was young I thought bumper stickers were cool.  I would collect them from anyone handing them out.  I wouldn't actually put them on the family car, Dad wouldn't allow that, and later I wouldn't put them on my car either.

You see, I learned at a young age that things change over time and not always for the better.

One of the easiest to get stickers was for the local radio stations, but guess what.  That's right, the radio stations are the first ones to change.  Not just ownership but format.  My saddest day was when the hottest rock and roll station became a country western format. Ugh.

Radio stations always seem to be changing but not all.  Some have found a formula that works and they stick with it just tweaking some minor things but staying true to the same old simple format.  They will never be the latest fade or at the top of the listings but they are solid, dependable and somewhere near the top of the listings.

Restaurants also change and when they do it is seldom a good thing.  'Now under new management' the banner screams.  You ask yourself why, did it need new management, what was wrong with the old one, what will new management do that the old one did not, is this going to be worth a try or should I wait a week and see if they are still open?

I like it if a business is making a change not just for the sake of making a change but because it is trying to do something better.  If it isn't making it better, then don't bother.  If the formula is right but it is no longer working then something has changed and not for the better.  What is it about the formula that you are no longer doing right?  If you have a solid group of type A customer then why on earth would you risk alienating them just to attract a faddish type B customer.  Instead continue to serve your type A customer to the best of your ability and if you must, start a new business to try and serve the type B customer.  That sounds more like win win to me.

But that doesn't happen, and businesses change, radio stations change, quality changes, service changes, very, very few things remain the same.  So a recommendation you or I might give today may not be the same as one offered tomorrow.  In fact you might do a complete 180.  And bumper stickers are hard to remove.  (I remember reading a bumper sticker once that said 'vote for Clinton' and in smaller print at the bottom it said 'easily removed with gasoline'.)

Do you wish you hadn't put a bumper sticker on your car?  Leave a comment and share your favorite.

This is Ed Nef with a view from the Farrwest.

06 September 2016

Too many sites, or is one too many

Last time I talked about spreading yourself too thin by trying to make a presence in every site out there on the web.  The other side of that is belonging to all the sites you possible can and then staying connected or current with all of them even if you are not a regular contributor.

I know some that have their phones constantly monitor their Twitter or Facebook account and are constantly checking it throughout the day to see what the latest is.  I on the other hand have wondered how much of my Facebook post got removed between now and the last time I was in even if I set the sort by earliest and not relevance order.  Lately it only lets me scroll so far and it still doesn't know me well enough to figure what is relevant to me.

And I think that the term relevance is the key.  People will spend time where they find relevance or at least relevance for them.  The other will get left behind.  So even if a site has 800 million members, it is how many, how often, and for how long that matter and those are the numbers we don't get to see very much of.

Another interesting statistic I saw was for a celebrity that had over a million followers but didn't actually follow anyone.  I won't name names (mostly because I can't, which tells you how truly famous they are/were) but that seems silly to me.  A social media site is designed to be social which would indicate some form a social interaction between real live people.  Anything else is a one way street that then places the responsibility on the provider to provide something of value even if it is merely entertainment.

If they can be entertaining then I can accept that.  I would relish it in fact.  I would settle for interesting, amusing, thought provoking, educational and informational.  I have been exposed to quite a lot so my standards are getting pretty high.  Well okay, not that high but with so much to choose from it is getting harder and harder to make my cut.  And with my time being more and more limited I have to make cuts.

And so should you.  If you find yourself missing out on things because you are too busy getting in on things that aren't really the kind of things that are your things but are someone else's things then you need to be cutting out a few things too.

If the choices are good, better, best, choose best every time.

This is Ed Nef with a view from the Farrwest.